Restore the function of your tooth without compromising beauty.

Our Porcelain Crowns

Repair your cracked, broken, or fractured tooth.

When a significant portion of a tooth has decay, trauma, or excessive wear, dentists generally require a crown, or “cap.” Crowns can also enhance the color, size, and shape of your tooth for cosmetic reasons.

We have specifically designed our dental crowns to protect your damaged tooth and restore its function. Additionally, we use them to cover dental implants or form a dental bridge. Today’s all-porcelain crowns have replaced unsightly old-style porcelain/metal crowns, offering a natural appearance along with strength and durability.

Our modern technology enables our innovative Port Angeles dentists to create custom-made crowns for you. They take precise impressions of your tooth and collaborate with our partner lab to produce stunning crowns. As a result, our outcomes are more precise and enduring, allowing you to return to your regular routines with confidence in your smile.

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How are crowns placed?

Discover how our innovative dentist in Tacoma can restore your tooth’s function and beauty.

Assess Impress - Dental Crowns - Eleven Eleven Dental

Assess & Impress

Our caring dentists assess your tooth first and identify if you are a candidate for a dental crown. If so, we take a few impressions of your teeth and review the crown procedure with you.

Intricate Design - Dental Crowns - Eleven Eleven Dental

Intricate Design

During the design phase, our expert team applies the specifications of your crown’s size, shape, color, and fit. We then pass this information onto our dental lab, which produces the finished crown. At this stage, we may ask you to wear a temporary crown so we can protect your tooth.

Custom Creation - Dental Crowns - Eleven Eleven Dental

Custom Creation

While at the lab, our team constructs your new crown using state-of-the-art technology to produce outstanding restorations. Once we complete it, we return the finished crown to our practice where your dentist will assess the fit and style.

Perfect Placement - Dental Crowns - Eleven Eleven Dental

Perfect Placement

When your dentist is happy with the crown, they will prepare your natural teeth and place the crown. If we need further adjustments, we make them before bonding the crown into place. We strive to give you the best fit possible so you can enjoy the look and function of a natural smile.


Dental crowns offering function and beauty.

This common restorative dental treatment represents the “royalty” of dental care. Here are a few benefits that this reliable service can bring.

Fixing your smile

Regain your natural smile with our discreet dental crowns.