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What Causes Cavities? 

It is estimated that approximately 91% of Americans over the age of 20 have experienced a cavity at some point. Furthermore, nearly 30% of Americans over 20 have untreated cavities.

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Periodontal Disease

Stages of Periodontal Disease 

As we wrapped up National Dental Hygiene Month in October, it seemed fitting to follow up with information about the different stages of gum disease. As your hygienist has probably

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Gum Recession

Why do I have Gum Recession?

You may experience gum recession at some point in your life, even with great home care and regular dental visits. To some degree, it actually affects the majority of our

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Tooth Resorption

Understanding Tooth Resorption

Resorption is the process by which a material is reabsorbed. When it has to do with your teeth, this process occurs when the dentin or cementum (outer) layers begin to

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Wash hand

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! Just a little update since we were gone. While we were on shutdown for almost 2 months, we remained open on an emergency basis. Dr. Birch, as well

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Summer Fun Despite Covid - Port Angeles

Summer Fun Despite COVID

COVID-19 has hampered a lot of summer plans! Like many of you, we at Eleven Eleven Dental have had various vacations altered. While there is still much uncertainty on what

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