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For many years, dentists have commonly used silver fillings to restore decayed teeth. However, over time, the expansion and contraction of the silver when exposed to hot and cold liquids can cause teeth to develop cracks. Initially, these fractures are small and challenging to detect.

As time passes, these fractures can deepen, leading to temperature and pressure sensitivity when biting or even causing significant portions of the tooth to break off. In such cases, a root canal procedure may become necessary to alleviate the symptoms. Moreover, the process of restoring the tooth becomes more complex and expensive.

Dental Filling Process.

Taking a proactive approach involves replacing silver fillings with new composite fillings or porcelain-bonded restorations before any cracking occurs. This preventive measure can help avert further deterioration of the tooth. Dental composites not only chemically adhere to the tooth but also bind it together, restoring its strength and integrity.

Composites are typically as durable as the original tooth and can be customized to match your natural tooth color seamlessly. You will undoubtedly appreciate how natural they feel alongside your original teeth. In conclusion, transitioning to these composites or porcelain-bonded restorations can help maintain your oral health and prevent potential complications in the future.

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