Save or Extract a Problem Tooth

a-doctor-showing-Invisalign-teeth-a-our-patient in Port Angeles

For a dentist, there are very few things that are harder to decide than whether to save or remove a problem tooth. Losing a tooth can potentially have a major impact on a patient’s ability to chew. A lost front tooth can have a major impact on self-image and confidence. So why does the dentist … Read more

Brazilian Flavor to Brighten Up Your Summer


Whether right or wrong, lemonade is one of the go to drinks in summertime. With the COVID-19 pandemic hampering a lot of travel plans, we thought we’d add a little bit of an “international flair” to your summertime beverage choices. The Carlile family was first introduced to Brazilian churrasco when Dr. Carlile was an undergraduate … Read more

3 Ideas to Thrive During the Stay at Home Order

3 Ideas to Thrive During the Stay at Home Order

It is hard to imagine how different life has become in the past month as COVID-19 has swept through the country. A majority of the country has some sort of stay-at-home order in place now. As Washingtonians, we are in the middle of our own stay-at-home order. Social isolation definitely has some downside, but here … Read more

Top 5 places to visit in the Spring on the Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula 3

Are you looking for fun activities to do on the Olympic Peninsula this Spring? Well, look no further! We have taken the advice from expert locals all around the area to bring to you the top 5 Spring sites in your area. Springtime in the Olympic Peninsula is the prettiest time of year. Quinault Rain … Read more